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Tourette Syndrome and Music


In this unique music autobiography, drummer/composer/educator David R. Aldridge shares his experiences in dealing with a lifelong case of Tourette Syndrome by using music as informal therapy.


As a multi-instrumentalist, Aldridge also discusses how learning drums, bass, guitar and keyboards each provided distinctive benefits for stress release, physical muscle control, and music performance opportunities.


The foreword, written by music therapist and rhythm vocalist Loire Cotler, further supports the theme of music as a mode of treatment for a disorder that for Aldridge yielded tremendous benefits.


The Elements of Rhythm, Vol. I


This unique, comprehensive introduction to rhythm pattern theory uses simple binary logic to generate the fundamental rhythm patterns that all larger combinations originate from.

The patterns are then printed on single music lines for practice and mastery. Additionally, they are catagorized using a first-of-its-kind, binary indexing system.


The book is applicable to all styles of music and all instrumentalists/vocalists.

The Elements of Rhythm, Vol. II


The follow-up study companion to Vol. I presents the fundamental patterns in multi-music stave formats, allowing readers to see multiple time signature variations of the "absolute sound shapes." For example, patterns in 4/4 and simultanously presented in 4/2, 4/8, 4/16, and 4/32.

A comprehensive list of counting syllables is included for each group of patterns, further demontrating the relative ways to count "same sounding" patterns.


The book is applicable to all styles of music and all instrumentalists/vocalists.

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