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Tourette Syndrome and Music

   Discovering Peace Through Rhythm and Tone



In this unique music autobiography, drummer/composer/educator David R. Aldridge shares his experiences in dealing with a lifelong case of Tourette Syndrome by using music as informal therapy.


As a multi-instrumentalist, Aldridge also discusses how learning drums, bass, guitar and keyboards each provided distinctive benefits for stress release, physical muscle control, and music performance opportunities.


The foreword, written by music therapist and rhythm vocalist Loire Cotler, further supports the theme of music as a mode of treatment for a disorder that for Aldridge yielded tremendous benefits.

Aldridge relied on music frequently, both to mask his tics and to channel their explosive energy... Harnessing his Tourette’s and expressing himself in creative, unpredictable musical improvisations seemed to be deeply intertwined... 


For Aldridge, and perhaps for many with Tourette’s, music was inseparably linked to movement and to sensation of all sorts. — Dr. Oliver Sacks, Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain


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